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You'll love being a part of the BitFight community  so why not get rewarded when you tell your friends? In our affiliate program, you'll receive an unmatched percentage of the earnings made by the people you refer through our lavish multi-tier system. It's that simple.

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Withdrawing Your Funds

Most affiliate programs make it really difficult to access your earnings - but BitFight is different. Anything you make will be automatically deposited into your crypto wallet each day. It's a hassle-free way to generate passive income.

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Want to start spreading the word? Here's how to start referring your friends to BitFight.

When Your Friends Profit, You Profit too

Once your friend has joined BitFight, deposited MATIC and started playing, you'll benefit from their success. Here's how it works…

Your friends will be part of Tier 1, and you'll get 20% commission

If your friends refer others, you'll get 10% commission from their sign-ups too

And if your friend's referrals sign up even more players, you'll get 5% from those

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Immediate Rewards

The wallet you connect to BitFight serves as your affiliate ID - and you'll be paid in MATIC tokens.

Our smart contract handles all of this automatically. If your friends have been active, you'll receive a payment every day.

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Top Tips for Success

So… how do you spread the word? Through affiliate links!

You can create as many links as you want. When friends click on it and sign up, a percentage of their earnings will be diverted to your wallet.

Leverage your influence by sharing links to your audience across all social platforms – you'll drive sign-ups and boost your earnings potential.

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Keep Track of Your Earnings

BitFight's website has a dedicated section where you can see how your affiliate links are performing - along with a detailed breakdown of your earnings. There’s no limit to how much you can earn from our lucrative partnership program.

Our programs are not one size fits all. If you've got a strong following on social media and are interested to learn more about our partnership opportunities, reach out to us via email.